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Divorce Corp and Judge Thomas Trent Lewis


http://divorcecorp.com/ – Screenings of the movie begin January 10, please provide your support – reform of the family law system is arguably the most important cause which can better our society.  More children and families are impacted adversely by divorce than any other life event.  The stories you hear in this movie parallel many of the cases in Judge Thomas Trent Lewis’s court, he is the poster Judge for the family law reform movement…the Sequel to focus just on the harm Judge Thomas Trent Lewis has caused.

The reform effort focused on Judge Thomas Trent Lewis can be found at: http://judgelewis.weebly.com/

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“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.”
― Theodore Roosevelt

Civil Case vs. Thomas Trent Lewis
#1 the civil case against Thomas Trent Lewis highlights the problems in the Los Angeles Superior Court and the need for reform.
#2 the civil case against Thomas Trent Lewis provides a solution, a “fix”, to the problems in the Los Angeles Superior court. A fix which will save California billions by eliminating special interests and promote oversight and provisions for an efficient legal system, which an In Pro Per can maneuver without depleting their life savings.
#3 civil rights will rule over absolute judicial immunity. Where absolute immunity exists (i.e. Dictatorships) abuse and repression of civil rights occurs. The civil case against Thomas Trent Lewis will prove the belief in absolute judicial immunity leads to subjective judicial bravado which fosters excessive litigation on the backs of hard working people. An open door to harm the public which the judicial system was sworn to protect is clearly unconstitutional.
#4 the overwhelmed Appellate Courts, which are forced to pick and choose the top percent of judicial violations has not been the answer. They need help; they need provision and additional oversight in the Superior Court. The Los Angeles Appellate Courts recusal in the Thomas Trent Lewis case provides the opportunity to rein in the wayward Los Angeles Superior Court.
The primary basis for a defense is absolute immunity which in front of a jury would suggest guilt. Unfortunately, a jury is not an opportunity at this time.

Quick Facts:
Attorneys for Thomas Trent Lewis have unsuccessfully fought for judicial immunity and demanded Judge Lewis not be named as an individual in a civil case – Thomas Trent Lewis has been declared an individual in 3 courts. In the San Diego Superior Court, fees were paid on behalf of Thomas Trent Lewis “the individual” by state appropriated funds. The Superior Court sought to move the case from San Diego to squash the case in Los Angles and in their haste swapped out judges days prior to dismissal. In March 2013, the entire Los Angeles Appellate Court recused/dismissed and the case has been pending a decision for several months in the 4th District Appellate Court (Riverside). Despite a clear conflict of interest and bias to be disclosed soon; the bravado of Judge Lewis has kept him as the Family Law Judge over the Plaintiff – Contact: Sactoxx@yahoo.com; Please track the continued success of the Thomas Trent Lewis Civil Case at: Website in-process

Fixes and Beneficiaries:
Progressive change is the goal of the civil against Thomas Trent Lewis, goals which include:

1. Alternative Dispute Resolution (http://www.courts.ca.gov/programs-adr.htm ADR) provisions and support in our judicial system is the most significant fix needed, ADR must be an opportunity. The infrastructure exists for ADR; therefore support and provisions to make ADR effective will result in significant cost savings by reducing the burden on the courts. In addition to provisions, audits are required. When a judge has many cases exceeding several years of litigation an allegiance to attorneys must be investigated and ADR provisions encouraged with said judge (said judge may also require anger management due to a propensity to punish rather than encourage ADR).
2. A stronger jurisdiction for the Commission on Judicial Performance http://cjp.ca.gov/ would strengthen judicial oversight and offer much needed checks and balance in the courts. An efficient court is one with provisions and well understood guidelines governed by an authority empowered to enforce objectivity. Absolute immunity renders the CJP organization mostly useless, a tax payer funded bureaucracy.
3. Full disclosure of a judge with a history of concern must be made available to ensure the pattern is not repeated – i.e. Janette Isaacs vs. Judge Thomas Trent Lewis. http://www.examiner.com/article/judge-thomas-trent-lewis-recuses-himself-from-the-isaacs-case. Judges cannot hand pick associates to perform evaluations, especially judges who have a potential history of collusion.
4. Accomplishments of The Elkins Task force benefit when absolute judicial immunity and judicial special interests are defeated. What happened to the Elkins Task Force? How is it avoiding recurrence? Exactly. When cases parallel Mr. Elkins case, must we also to take our cases to the Supreme Court as Mr. Elkins. http://www.courts.ca.gov/elkins.htm
5. Code of Civil Procedure has lost its way in our judicial system; judicial beliefs in absolute immunity have created a subjective judicial system where judges believe they are untouchable and a dictatorship mentality reins over healthy objectivity. Conflict of interest and blatant bias take a near act of god to overcome, being held hostage to a bad judge for life is not what the code intended.
a. Website in-progress: The letter to Judge Scott Gordon demonstrates a clear conflict of interest and potential for bias which a 3rd grader would recognize.
6. Rights/Support for In Pro Per Litigants: Our society won’t allow the New England Patriots to play a high school team, our judicial system should not stand idle or help unscrupulous attorneys wipe out In Pro Per financially with excessive litigation. Alec Baldwin’s quotes below are extremely relevant to the problems in Los Angeles County and indirectly highlight the challenges In Pro Per litigants face in the Los Angeles Superior Court…

***The programs and doctrines mentioned below are relatively ineffective bureaucracy’s under the presence of absolute judicial immunity: http://www.courts.ca.gov/programs-adr.htm; http://cjp.ca.gov/; http://cjp.ca.gov/; http://www.courts.ca.gov/elkins.htm; http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/.html/ccp_table_of_contents.html;

Alec Baldwin NY Times:
Baldwin barrels forward, arguing that American family law is a system of lawyers and judges’ working in cooperation to drain the wallets of divorcing couples — an industry that preys on the vulnerabilities of the already vulnerable.
Divorce litigation is a unique phenomenon in our culture. When someone is sick, our society usually offers some means of care. Often, that care extends to their families, as well. The sick individual reaches out to professionals who arrive with their skills and training at the ready, prepared to solve the problem.
When illness afflicts a marriage however, the professionals who arrive on the scene often are there to prolong the bleeding, not stop it. To be pulled into the American family law system in most states is like being tied to the back of a pickup truck and dragged down a gravel road late at night. No one can hear your cries and complaints, and it is not over until they say it is over
In-line with Alec Baldwin’s quotes…Judge Lewis’s quote below to one of his many meals with attorney associations, seems to invite litigation? – Let’s have our judges tout ADR instead?
lewis quote

Plaintiff can attest $800,000 to the pockets of attorney’s in Judge Lewis’ court is an unfortunate reality. Financial irresponsibility of another’s detriment is a horrible lesson to be teaching. Teaching and encouraging ADR must be the reality instead.

Cause for Fathers:
The goals above are no-brainer achievable improvements necessary to limit subjective rule in our courts and stop divorces from becoming a license to ruin lives. Unfortunately most of us will face a divorce; therefore, improving this horrible system will benefit our society tremendously.
The case for equality for fathers is a much harder bias to overcome 84.4% of all non-custodial parents are fathers ttps://www.causes.com/causes/370091/updates/624490;
Recent wins for gay rights and gay marriages are encouraging; unfortunately the old values against fathers’ may take a couple more generation until progressive minds ensure equality for fathers. In the meantime if mom gets custody by default, the courts need to define guidelines so devastating fathers financially with excessive litigation is not the unspoken rule as well. Unscrupulous attorneys who know they cannot lose will certainly go after every penny.

It appears we have a progressive minded Governor and Attorney General, so maybe there is hope for progressive change for fathers. See articles on Govern Jerry Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris championing gay rights:
Civil Case against Thomas Trent Lewis – Coming soon…the egregious acts and high costs of judicial bias, titled the “A playbook for excessive litigation costing tax payers millions”. Having been bullied by attorneys and judges for many years has only strengthened the Plaintiffs resolve to ensure others do not become victims of the same bullies. Contact Sactoxx@yahoo.com to share your stories too.

Google: Thomas Trent Lewis corrupt
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